The #WLSalt hashtag was sparked by this email from me(@tbump) to the other founding #WLSalt sisters: Julie @JPKirchmeier, Niki @NikiRudolph, Deb, @DSchmidtRogers , Mary Jo @maryjogonzales, Amber @amberagd, & Carolyn @carolyngolz

  “I’m finding myself wanting to tweet to the 6 of you so often so I think we need our own hashtag.   (Inspired by #usguys hashtag) Any suggestions #wli? I want to use the hashtag to send tweets that support, lift, encourage, promote women leaders & to invite others who do the same to use it as well….building a network of women focused on consciously choosing to push women forward. I watch the twitter stream-our women SA pros are quick to devalue their work/skills/smarts. I send at least 1 DM a day to someone who has publicly diminished herself.  I’m looking to help  build their self esteem, self respect, and encourage them to take their place at the table with confidence & the support of women like us.  We can create a network of women who value what matters and will enthusiastically help each other achieve,  score the best opportunities & see this world as their oyster.  Are you in?”

   All six #wli10 (2010 Women’s Leadership Institute atttendees) women were invested and committed.  They offered much, much more than hashtag ideas- they all brought their very best selves and their phenomenal strengths to the conversation & the plan.  After a conference call brainstorming session we settled on Carolyn Golz’s suggestion of #WLSalt .  Including SALT as a tribute to #WLI10 where twitter friends became IRL relationships and WL to signify Women as Leaders.

        Please join us and use #WLSalt for tweets that:

        * Support: Provide support, connections, and resources for leadership, academic, and career opportunities

        * Affirm: Highlight the success of women leaders at all levels

        * Lift: Elevate women through recognition, introductions and relationships

        * Transform: Facilitate the continued success of woman in higher education

        We are moving quickly beyond the hashtag and have activated a twitter account where we will co-tweet as @SAwomenLead.  Follow us as we follow you and grow, learn and encourage the amazing women who surround us all in higher education.  Please, please join us as we advance and support all women in the academy.

Julie @JPKirchmeier   Niki @NikiRudolph   Deb @DSchmidtRogers

Mary Jo @maryjogonzales   Amber @amberagd

Carolyn @carolyngolz         Teri @tbump

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